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Sherlok Machine Learning started in 2016 when Frank Sibbel and Richard van Pelt (former business partners at Sibbel & van Pelt New Media Consulting) set out on this data learning journey. Frank has more then 20 years of experience with market research, the last decade as managing partner of Blauw Research. “ During my career I have experienced the power of data. With the development of these new machine learning techniques I recognized the opportunity to change the way companies can gain insight from their data!  I strongly believe a data tsunami is coming our way and we still are not fully aware of the impact.  There is simply too much data for humans to understand, explore and visualize – and machine learning holds the answer! I am very much looking forward to ride the waves and explore new possibilities with regard to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. The strong partnership with Blauw Research gives me the opportunity to explore these new techniques and work closely together with my former colleagues in the crossing fields of market research and machine learning.  Last but not least I am really excited working with Richard again after we started our career in market research more then 22 years ago.

Stefan Pompe (

Stefan joined Sherlok end of 2018 with a main focus on the SMART Classifier development, management, sales and contracting. Stefan started his career in 1994 with VoPak (former Van Ommeren) in Rotterdam after having completed the Naval Academy de Ruyter in Flushing followed by a study Maritime Management. He was challenged by entrepreneurship in the nautical environment and became a partner in multiple ship-operating companies with a specializations in the project-, break-bulk- and bulk markets. The inspiration to invent and develop the SMART Classifier has its roots in the day to day (data) challenges of shipping industry.  Stefan was overwhelmed with RFQ’s and literally drowned in the overflow of information and lost focus as a result.  Instead of growing the business, email filtering and management took the overhand.  A solution had to be found!.  “In the second half of 2017 Sherlok partner Frank passionately shared his knowledge of machine learning with me and explained what modern machine learning techniques and computer power can do for you.  It took less than 3 months and some cups of coffee before we mapped the first ideas of what is now called the Sherlok SMART classifier.  And you know what; it really works!

Richard van Pelt

Founded Sibbel & Van Pelt with Frank in 1993. In 2000 Richard took a sabbatical leave. After that he started a journey in the energy business and became shareholder of Greenchoice. For a long time he was heading the business development department of Greenchoice. “At Greenchoice I became aware of the impact of data on business value and how to increase learning speed with the clever use of data. Since 2016 I am helping implementing data science and machine learning techniques within Greenchoice. Sherlok is the perfect platform to combine business and data science knowledge to help companies learn faster”

Egge van der Poel

Depending on the learning path we work together with different big data partners. Egge van der Poel , senior free lance data scientist, has joined our network as highly experienced free lance data scientist. Egge holds a BA in Philosophy and a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics (i.e. tiny particles). He searched for the Higgs particle at the Large Hadron Collider of CERN, in Geneva. After his PhD he trained to be a Medical Physicist and was a Big Data consultant at KPMG before taking on the newly created function of Clinical Data Scientist at the Erasmus Medical Centre. In addition he started a part-time freelance adventure. As a freelancer he advises many organisations about Big Data, teaches courses at various academic institutions and regularly speaks about this topic in more popular settings. “I am always interested in exploring ways to create meaningful impact with data analysis. Sherlok is a very promising initiative: Frank and Richard both have very strong business skills and insights. I hope to help them with my data analysis knowledge and network.”

Marios Kefalas

Marios is our primary data scientist, with a MSc in Computer Science (specialization in BioInformatics),
 Leiden University and a BSc (4 year degree) in Mathematics (Specialization in Pure and Applied Mathematics), University of Athens
.  Marios is a professional and very skilled data scientist, with several skills with regard to data science and machine learning.  Amongst others: Evolutionary Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Pattern Recognition, Complex Networks, Ubuntu, Python (Anaconda), Matlab and R/RStudio. ” I love puzzling with data, collecting, modelling and create real business value within companies; creating positive change with Data.  I really like the tagline of Sherlok;  collect all data, analyze and find the truth.  After my master in computer science , it is refreshing to work on different interesting projects for Sherlok”.

We provide a network of knowledge powered people & institutions, which can be set up in a flexible way. We believe in the power of predictive analytics to support decision making in order to be more successful. And doing so in a in a smart and enthousiastic way.

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