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The market for breakbulk shipping is overwhelmed with commercial RFQ’s. Ten thousands of RFQ emails are sent around the world, and only a very small percentage is relevant. For one of our clients Sea Works we developed a new tool to analyze and classify incoming mails, using new powerful machine learning techniques

Meet Sherlok Smart Classifier

The Smart classifier is a self-learning mail classifier tool, helping you save time and find new business opportunities. It analyzes all your mails and selects all interesting mails, based on your own historical preferences!  Together with Leiden University (LIACS) we used advanced machine learning algorithms to build the classifier, to analyze and classify all incoming text mails.  The easy-to-use Mail Plugin is installed in your own email platform (Outlook or other email clients), no extra soft or hardware is needed.

The platform is fully cloud based, working with proven technology like Python and Microsoft Azure, and all classifying is done real time, based on your own preferences.

The result is even much better then we hoped for. It will save at least 50% of your time, otherwise spent on reading and processing mails / RFQ’s.  It is possible to delete about 80% of all non-relevant mails RFQ’s. Plus, it will create new business opportunities you would otherwise have missed because of the email overload.

Instead of looking at your screen you can focus on new clients and existing relationships.

Please contact us for more information or a demo meeting.

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