Feeling overwhelmed with Emails, Request For Quotations (RFQ’s) or Support tickets?

Commercial- and customer service departments are overwhelmed by thousands of emails a day. Employees manually open all emails, read, and delete when not relevant. The process eats up your employees’ productivity and time, time otherwise spend on creating new business and delivering top-notch customer support.

Save 50% of your time managing your inbox

Smart companies save time and increase productivity with the Sherlok Smart Classifier by leveraging advanced algorithms to manage their inbox. The Smart Classifier is an email classifier plug-in that analyzes your emails, RFQ’s or Support tickets  and learns what matters most to your business, based on your own historical preferences.

Your guide to an efficient inbox. The Smart Classifier automatically analyzes and classifies all incoming emails. It separates interesting from irrelevant emails so you can act on relevant mails. With every click, response, and delete the algorithm learns more about your business. Classifying is done real-time, with no delay, and fully cloud-based using proven technology like Python and Azure/AWS.

Give it a try and free yourself.

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